Reinoud van ReekumReinoud van Reekum is an eccentric guy from The Netherlands who is deeply interested in psychology, martial arts and what makes people tick. And just so you know, his friends call him Noud. People get confused about that.

His game designs are mostly aimed at self-expression or self-growth. Letting loose the player’s creativity and ways to solve problems in a way that they see fit.

He loves games with mechanical combinations. Finding a new way to create a power house or having a player say: “How did you figure THAT out?!” is very satisfying to hear.

When it comes to thinking, he just thinks ‘differently’. When brainstorming, he makes tangent associations people would never guess. He pushes unrelated themes together just to create something original. He abuses rules and systems in an experimental way. And whenever someone says: “No one would do something like that.” He sees that as a challenge.

His hobbies are zen meditation, Dungeons & Dragons, reading and of course gaming.

He’s currently looking for a way to be a snazzy dresser, to see how to build a good puzzle and figuring out why picking the lint off a dryer filter is so satisfying.

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