Soul Searchernetimage
2D adventure prototype made in Unity.
An assignment by myself for my graduation project. I really wanted to make a game that was about finding yourself. Tackling problems in a way you felt comfortable doing.
Thankfully, in my search for personalities and myself, I did find myself again.

Game in Unity Player


Glacier GuyReekumNoudvan_GlacierGuytitel
3D digging game made in Unity. Game Design: Reinoud van Reekum
Level Design: Glenn Verheij
Programming: Jayce Rettob & Wesley Aslanoglou
School group project of two months.
I like the dynamic of this game. You need to keep warm so you have to use the heater, but the heater melts ice and needs fuel, so you dig to get fuel.

Game in Unity Player

Olaf & GretchenPortfolioimage
Narrative Design document for Worldbuilding.
School assignment of two weeks.
I thought long and hard about the narrative of this game, yet it came to me when I let go of the heavy build storylines I like to see. I went to a different demographic and kept the story simple and goal oriented. It made it more fun and colorful, too!

Design document

Portal 2 puzzle chamber with three different methods to solve.
School assignment of two days.
I like this map because it challenged my ability to fit everything as elegantly as possible into the chamber.


Map in Steam

Atom & Quark Bubble Fever (QA and Level Design)bubble_fever_icon2
My job as an intern at Boostermedia was 25% Level Design and 75% Quality Assurance. Both were for this particular mobile game. QA taught me to keep going until all the details were found and it showed me how and when to communicate with the team members about the problems I’d find.

Game and Gameplay Video

D&D 5e Monster CR Calculatorportfoliocalc
Something I made in my spare time. Calculating monsters for Dungeons & Dragons can be a hassle so I made this calculator in C# using Unity. It’s quick and simple and uses all the features the Dungeon Master Guide provided to calculate accurately. It was a good practice for starting with C#, I am finally getting the hang of it as I see code from an entirely different perspective.

Windows Download

Mac Download

An RPG setting where I tried to give D&D a twist. I wanted to create something original with a unique feel but still recognizable by D&D players. I was inspired by the other settings that gave a twist to the existing races and spells. The players agreed to a magical campaign so I focused heavily on that. D&D settings in 4th edition are pretty clear cut. The deities are restricted by alignment and have a portfolio of three things. I tried to mix it up by creating other religions in the game that function a little bit more like cults. All races exist in the setting, but are made or exist for specific reasons and areas.
The two-world split was to plan out world-scale conflict in case the players were done exploring the first world.


The Spire of HungerChangelingimage
A short story created for a D&D player. He had a unique character which required a little backstory from my end as Dungeon Master. I made this in a short day. It’s designed for 4th edition D&D but might be changeable for other editions and settings.


Tabula RasaTabulaImage
RPG system designed by myself. Every level grants a new feature to combine and experiment with. The Character Sheet should provide 75% explanation.
This system was inspired by my non-gaming friends who struggled with RPG rules. It should be basic enough to know what to pick, yet wide enough to create an archetype you wish to play as.
As an added bonus, I tried to create a Game Master sheet as well in case the Game Master needed to write down some monsters on the fly.
Project of two weeks.

Character sheet

Game Master sheet

Betweter Beursdoosje
Strategic resource based card game.
Intake assignment: Create a traditional game with you and the USAT as a central theme.
In my enthousiasm I lost track of time during the creation process.

Explanation (dutch)

All cards (dutch)


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